Ohio Resource Center

Inquiry-Based Instructional Units

Arts & Communication
Students utilize Photoshop, desktop publishing, writing skills, and marketing processes to develop a visually appealing magazine
Students explore how a promotional ad package works by conducting research and developing marketing materials for a department at their school
Students produce and record music, create a CD and accompanying materials, post their music online, and create promotional materials
Students work with a partner to produce an old-fashioned radio drama or comedy to appeal to a wide demographic
Construction Technologies
Students are part of a "house flip," working on a team focusing on plumbing appliances
Students explore how a promotional ad package works by conducting research and developing marketing materials for a department at their school
Students study traffic and pedestrian patterns in their school parking lot
Students examine vapor barrier methods for use during the installation process of exterior windows and doors
Hospitality & Tourism
Students work collaboratively in teams of two, taking on the role of an executive chef and a banquet manager
Culinary arts students research what constitutes a nutritionally balanced meal based on the information gathered from the newly designed food pyramid
Students come up with the key components to a successful restaurant, such as marketing, management, food costs, menu offerings, equipment, human resources decisions, and community involvement
Students create a hospitality operation that will infuse and revitalize new growth in a community in their local area
Students explore types of advertising media, and learn how to identify demographic audiences, and to determine print-media rates
Information Technology
Students, in groups of four, explore what to do with older, unused computers
Students, working within a team, assume the roles of members of a new video production company. The team's challenge begins with planning how to find a client that needs a video or DVD produced
Students research, design, and implement a full-service e-commerce website. Students choose the database management system (DBMS), scripting language, web design, and web server environments
Students are asked to learn how to code basic programs in a language they have not worked with previously. The students will conduct research about their selected language and prepare a presentation about the history, structure, and usage of that language
Manufacturing Technologies
Students develop a plan for how to create a toy using manual drafting, computer-aided drawing, and model-building tools, materials, and skills
Students design and manufacture equipment needed to transport parts in a workplace setting, such as a local manufacturing company
Students compare various materials and ways to produce DC voltage using chemical reaction. They will conduct experiments to become familiar with circuitry and connections
Transportation Systems
Students investigate methods for decreasing fuel costs in the trucking industry to find a way to stop "passing the buck" to consumers
Students identify waste products found in their school and determine if each product is recyclable or hazardous waste, then submit a waste disposal plan
Students explore the effects that changing tire and/or wheel sizes has on a vehicle. In groups of three or four, students research a variety of topics related to tires and wheels
Students work in groups of three or four to research and develop a business plan to start a collision-repair shop