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Pictures of African Americans During WWII
Social Studies
9, 10
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Professional Commentary

"Pictures of African Americans During WWII" is presented by the National Archives. 260 photos are organized within 10 topics: Army Air Forces, The Homefront, Merchant Marine, Rest and Relaxation, Personalities, Training, US Army, US Marine Corps, US Navy, and Women in the Military. The site also provides a general introduction to each of the issues facing African-Americans during this time period as well as a detailed caption and hyperlink for each image. Photographs and captions can easily be printed, and/or images can be ordered through a link provided. author/as/vm

Ohio Social Studies Academic Content Standards (2010)
Course: American History
From Isolation to World War (1930-1945)
The United States mobilization of its economic and military resources during World War II brought significant changes to American society.
Social Studies Standards (2001)
People in Societies
Grade Level Indicators (Grade 10)
Analyze the struggle for racial and gender equality and its impact on the changing status of minorities since the late 19th century.