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The People, They Are A Changin'
Social Studies
11, 12
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Professional Commentary

The lesson plan examines changing demographics in the United States. The provided links to an article and chart explain changes in American demographics and some of the possible consequences of these changes. The article itself can be linked to a dictionary and atlas to further students understanding of the content or for students with limited reading skills. Lesson activities include journaling, discussion questions, political cartoons, and locating and reading relevant newspaper articles. In addition to the planned activities, the lesson also offers a variety of extension and interdisciplinary options. The only aspect teachers might want to pay particular attention to would be allowing students direct access to the linked political cartoon site. Some of the language, visuals, or topics may not be suitable for all students. The lesson plan presents information about changes in American society, due in part to immigration, in a neutral and informative manner. By focusing on education, it also makes the information more meaningful to students. (author/jm)

Ohio Social Studies Academic Content Standards (2010)
Course: World Geography
Physical, cultural, economic, and political factors contribute to human migrations (e.g., drought, religious conflicts, job opportunities, immigration laws).
Social Studies Standards (2001)
Grade Level Indicators (Grade 10)
Analyze the geographic processes that contributed to changes in American society including:
  1. Industrialization and post-industrialization;
  2. Urbanization and suburbanization;
  3. Immigration.