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The Great Society
Social Studies
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Professional Commentary
This content resource is an extensive database of information designed for students which all revolves around Lyndon B. Johnsons Great Society. From the linked page, there is also a section which contains a timeline of Johnsons life and events that occurred during his presidency. There are also links which lead to more information on Johnson and a transcript of his Great Society Speech. However, the real value of the site are the links that categorizes his Great Society plan into Civil Rights, Education, Environment, War on Poverty, and Foreign Policy. Within each of those sections, there are additional links to a Gallery of pictures, timelines, glossaries, and audio files. This site is designed for students however teachers can create handouts for their students from the information found on this website.

Social Studies Standards (2001)
Grade Level Indicators (Grade 10)
Demonstrate how U.S. governmental policies, including taxes, antitrust legislation and environmental regulations affect individuals and businesses.