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ODE Assessment Item, Grade 10: Determine surface area using scientific notation
8, 9, 10
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Professional Commentary

Students are asked to determine the surface area of a new planet using scientific notation. This multiple-choice question is a sample item used in the 2008 Ohio Graduation Test (see Overview of Ohio's Assessment System). The URL link (above) takes the user directly to the OGT test item (PDF), with access to performance data, complexity level of the item, and discussion of incorrect responses. This OGT item is also available in Microsoft® Word. The Ohio Department of Education Instructional Management System website allows visitors to search for test items by subject and grade band and build a printable database of questions using the Add to Your Backpack function. ODE Reference Information: 2008 OGT for Mathematics, Annotated Item 19. (author/sw)

Ohio Mathematics Academic Content Standards (2001)
Number, Number Sense and Operations Standard
Benchmarks (8–10)
Estimate, compute and solve problems involving scientific notation, square roots and numbers with integer exponents.
Grade Level Indicators (Grade 8)
Add, subtract, multiply, divide and compare numbers written in scientific notation.
Principles and Standards for School Mathematics
Number and Operations Standard
Understand numbers, ways of representing numbers, relationships among numbers, and number systems
Expectations (6–8)
develop an understanding of large numbers and recognize and appropriately use exponential, scientific, and calculator notation;