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In this short podcast, Terry Shiverdecker and Kim Lightle discuss how high school science teachers can weave the topic of oil spills into their standards-based curriculum.

Oil Spill Lessons, Activities, and Information

For lessons, activities, and information that focus on the environmental impacts of the oil spill, try:

Graphing Changes in Marine Life Abundance. Analyze how the percent cover of mussels on a boulder in Prince William Sound has changed over 19 years.

Using Maps to Evaluate Environmental Tradeoffs. Work with a team to develop a plan to protect fragile ecosystems from an oil spill.

The Drill on the Spill: Learning About the Gulf Oil Leak in the Lab. Design and execute experiments to learn more about the effects of oil spills.

Where Will the Deepwater Horizon Oil End Up? Read about how far the ocean currents may carry the oil.

For lessons, activities, and information that focus on response, cleanup, and remediation, try:

Nanotech Cleans Up. Read about how nanotechnology may help clean up oil spills in the future.

Oil Tanker Simulation. Analyze data to devise an appropriate warning and cleanup response to an oil spill.

For lessons, activities, and information that focus on the Gulf's biotic and abiotic characteristics, try:

Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System (GCOOS). Learn about the physical characteristics of the Gulf, and access numerous oil spill resources.

This Old Tubeworm. Investigate the growth rate of species in cold-seep communities.

From the Gulf of Mexico to the Moons of Jupiter. Identify the adaptations that allow microorganisms to survive in the extreme environments of cold-seep communities.

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How Big Is the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill? See where exactly the oil spill is located in the Gulf of Mexico, and compare the size of the spill to the size of a city you are familiar with.

Tracking the Oil Spill in the Gulf. Watch how the oil has spread from the point of origin to the coasts.

Coastal Ecosystem Maps. Investigate which Gulf species are threatened by the oil spill.

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. Interact with a Google Maps application, and watch PBS NewsHour's live feed.

Gulf Oil Spill: Ecological Effects. Listen to Ira Flatow and Nancy Rabalais discuss the oil's potential effects on the Gulf ecosystems.

Gulf Oil Spill: Engineering Approaches. Listen to Ira Flatow and his guests talk about the challenges that face any engineering approach to capping the well.

Oil in the Ocean. Watch a video about oil spills and their impact on the ocean ecosystem.

Diving Deeper: Oil Spill Response. Listen to this podcast about oil spills and how NOAA responds.

Pressure at Depth Calculator. Determine the pressure at the oil spill site.

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Deepwater Horizon Response. Stay current with the latest information from the Deepwater Horizon Unified Command.

Deepwater Horizon Response: Multimedia. Access photographs, video, and audio releases from the Deepwater Horizon Unified Command.

Frequently Asked Oil Spill Questions. Brush up on oil spill basics.

Dispersants: A Guided Tour. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about dispersants.

Implementing the Inquiry Continuum in the Classroom. Consider where on the inquiry continuum your lessons about the oil spill will fall.

Incorporating Real-World Connections into Science Instruction. Think about the benefits of incorporating real-world connections into your science instruction.