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Day 4 Grammar and Conventions

Choosing the Best Verb: An Active and Passive Voice Mini-lesson (ORC#: 3365)
For most students, speech and informal writing flows naturally. Yet, students often struggle with formal or academic writing. This mini-lesson explores verb choice in a variety of online resources then encourages students to draw conclusions about verb use which they can apply to their own writing. Students begin by identifying verbs in a variety of contexts, determining whether constructions rely on active or passive voice. Following classroom discussions about verbs, students apply the strategies they have learned to their own writing by revising verb choice to match audience and purpose. (author/ncl)

To Grammar or Not to Grammar: That Is Not the Question! (ORC#: 5168)
The focus of this article is the importance of grammar instruction in the language arts classroom. The authors point out that the question should not be "To grammar or not to grammar?" but rather "What aspects of grammar can we teach to enhance and improve students' writing, and when and how can we best teach them?" Research indicates most students do not benefit from grammar study in isolation from writing. Instead, the skills transfer more easily when students are provided with models from literature as teachers teach skills in the context of student writing. This instruction takes its form in minilessons and individual writing conferences rather than as analyzing sentences and labeling parts of speech. The authors share minilessons, writing activities, samples of student work, and other useful information about how they have accomplished this in their own teaching experiences. (authors/aec)