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April 2012
Digging Deeper into the Common Core: Text Complexity

“We need to begin with a thorough knowledge of books. That means, bottom line, reading as much as we can from the field of young adult (YA) literature. How to go about this methodically? There are resources that will guide us in the right direction.”
   —Teri Lesesne

November/December 2009

Twenty-First-Century Literacies

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Understanding the Core: Text Complexity
by Christina Hank
Engage, Excite, Enrich: Selecting the Right Book
by Teri S. Lesesne
A District Perspective: Scaffolding Text Complexity for At-Risk Readers
by Tara Boyer
Text Complexity: Accessing Exemplar Texts Across Disciplines
by Brent Garee and Kim Garee
A Look at the Common Core
Implications for the Common Core: Getting Started with Text Complexity
by Carol Brown Dodson
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